Mobility Scooter Batteries – 12v 20ah GEL

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12v 20ah Mobility Scooter Batteries GEL (Deep Cycle)

Maintenance Free 

This means you don’t top up cells with water EVER. Just install the batteries, charge regularly and reap the benefits of a high quality AGM Battery.

Vibration Resistant

Our batteries can withstand the shakes and rattles of everyday use and more.

Non-Spillable and Non-Gassing 

With an in-built safety valve, these batteries are also referred to as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VLRA). 

Durable GEL Plates

High purity lead (99.994 – 99.996% Purity) plates ensure a long lifespan with correct use and charging.

Mobility Scooters require 2 batteries, our 20ah batteries suit the following mobility scooters and more:


Pride Go-Go, Go chair,

Drive – Venom, Venom Sports

Merits Momo Ezi-Go

Shoprider – QT-8 QT-8 sports, Como


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