Full Function Rehab Power Wheelchair




Full Function Rehab Power Wheelchair

Complex Rehab Power Wheelchair

  • Intelligent, auto-adjustment of the horizontal level of the seat surface to ensure safe and comfortable driving for inclines
  • Seat lift function (0~22cm/0~45cm)
  • Sitting/standing assistance function
  • Seat tilt function to distribute pressure and reduce the probability of pressure sores for the user
  • Adjustable backrest that can be power adjusted within 0~150 ± 10° to provide a comfortable drive experience
  • Adjustable dual footrests that can be power adjusted separately within 0-75 ± 5°
  • Power seat rotation enables the driving wheel it switch back-and-forth (90° seat rotation for wheelchair lateral movement) 
  • Max. obstacle crossing width of 10cm
  • Overall length 1034 – 1157mm
  • Overall width 675mm
  • Overall height 1058 – 1141mm
  • Seat height (from floor) 487 – 570mm
  • Seat width 400 – 500mm
  • Seat depth 400 – 500mm
  • Max. speed 8km/h
  • Drive range (depending on terrain) 20km
  • Weight capacity 110kg (for maximum lift height)