Exgel Standard Pressure Relief Cushion

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EXGEL cushion’s standard model, winning the long time popularity as a wheelchair cushio

EXGEL used in entire surface redistributes the body pressure effectively

EXGEL also buffers shearing forces between the body and cushions

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  • Size: 460mm x 400mm x 35mm
  • For wheelchair users who need superior pressure relief
  • Suitable for the sacral sitter
  • High stretch fluid proof cover
  • The outer fabric passed Cytotoxicity test, ISO10993-5. 
  • Synthetic leather on the surface of body can be disinfected with ethanol
  • Exgels flexibility is extremely high; it can stretch 20 times in size and is then able to restore to it’s original form
  • It’s soft slow resilience is gentle to human skin
  • Exgel has excellent shock absorbability
  • Once the body weight is applied on Exgel it flexibly changes it’s shape to fir the body shape and fully supports the body..

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