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Mobility and You provide a wide range of quality and comfortable mattresses and cushions. From standard hospital grade mattresses, to soft form premier mattresses and air comfort cushions, Mobility and You have a diverse range to suit your workplace or home needs. For all product enquiries or questions, contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mobility and You today!

All Mattresses & Cushions available in-store and online at Mobility And You. We also offers Mattress and Cushion Hire - click here to see our Mattress & Cushion hire rates, available to the north Brisbane region.

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  1. Standard Hospital Grade Mattress

    Standard Hospital Grade Mattress

    This mattress is a basic hospital grade mattress which comes with a convoluted top, standard grade foam with Inbuilt convolute upper to assist with pressure care

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  2. Soft Form Premier Mattress

    Soft Form Premier Mattress

    The Softform Premier Mattress has a deep contoured insert pad for enhanced pressure area care, to maximise body contact area and optimise pressure reduction
    It has double coated PU sides which reduces potential for physical damage.  The top cover is fully detachable - aids inspection and allows for easy removal for washing

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  3. Active 2 Air Mattress System

    Active 2 Air Mattress System

    This Air Mattress System is suitable for high needs patients with pressure care issues. The pressure airflow can be adjusted to suit the individual requirements

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  4. Basic Foam Cushion

    Basic Foam Cushion

    These cushions are ideal for providing extra comfort when using a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

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  5. Owl Pressure Relief Cushion

    Owl Pressure Relief Cushion

    • The Regular is recommended for the client who wants superior pressure care support (460mm x 400mm x 40mm)
    • The High is recommended for the client who needs further pressure redistribution (460mm x 400mm x 80mm)
    • The Contour is recommended for the client who needs further forward/rearward stability (460 x 400 x 75mm) 
    • The Deep Contour is recommended for the client who requires the highest level of pressure care redistribution (460 x 400mm x 110mm)
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  6. Air Comfort Cushion

    Air Comfort Cushion

    The Air Comfort Cushion offers great comfort and support to users

    Made from high grade durable materials

    This cushion comes with a washable cover with handles and its own inflation pump

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  7. Deluxe Mattress

    Deluxe Mattress

    A great quality economical mattress with ribbing for basic pressure relief

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  8. Swivel Cushion

    Swivel Cushion

    • Diameter: 40.5cm
    • Height: 6cm
    • Weight Capacity: 125kg
    • Weight: 1.5kg
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